Marketta Sowers

Marketta is a full-time writer and designer. Any donations will help her continue to write for her fans and stay home with her child. Much love guys!! :*

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Ex's Wedding
8 months ago
There’s nothing worse than receiving an invitation to your ex’s wedding. Well, except maybe the fact that he was marrying your best friend. And nothing more awkward than her asking you to be her Maid ...
Coffee Shop Hookup
8 months ago
He couldn’t believe his luck. The morning had started out so shitty before work. First, he couldn’t get a taxi and it was pouring down rain, so he walked to the coffee shop in the rain. Then, once he ...
Convention After Party
8 months ago
I wanted to beat my head against the table in front of me. This convention was a requirement for work, and the speakers they had lined up really knew how to suck the life out of a “longevity” seminar....
8 months ago
I had been sitting at my computer, hard at work, like I had been for days. I could sense how my husband was getting more and more tense as the day went on. Cane didn’t like feeling ignored, and althou...