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27. Metalhead. Libertarian/Feminist. Comedienne. Luciferian/Heathen. Witch/Seer. Queer Domme. SW. Former Extremist. Champion of Love. Pop Culture Fanatic.

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Tips for Strippers Breaking Into the Business
6 months ago
So you’ve made it into the stripping world, but you’re still a newbie. You’ve been on the floor and stage hustling as hard as you can, however something isn't clicking. Or you just want to be more awa...
How to Help a Sex Worker if You're Broke
7 months ago
Say that you’re broke and want to help out to support your favorite sex worker. You can’t afford her content right now, but you still want to make sure she’s got the support she deserves in another wa...
Tipping a Sex Worker Is Huge and This Is Why You Should Do It
7 months ago
When I first came on-board in the sex industry, I had no clue that I wasn't going to be paid hourly. At the time, I was hurting for money when I first got in and heard through the grapevine that you c...
Questions You Never Ask a Sex Worker
7 months ago
Have you always wanted to get to know a sex worker? I imagine so. I can understand how people gravitate toward us, wanting to figure us out. Despite our professions being very common, people still don...
What Is Sex Work & Dating a Sex Worker?
7 months ago
What is a sex worker? When people think about what a sex worker is, they immediately think about an escort; but that’s only one type. "Sex worker" is just an umbrella term for anyone who performs and ...