Lydia Catherine

Lover of sloths and cheesecake, active in the BDSM scene and living with mental illness. You'll probably find me nesting in a local coffee shop, since coffee keeps me alive. 

Ask a Submissive: Vol.3
a year ago
Hey everyone, welcome to the 3rd installment of Ask a Submissive! As always if you have any more questions for me whatsoever, you can ask them on my twitter @SubSaysHello, or if you're too shy, you ca...
BDSM Erotica: Strung up and Whacked
a year ago
Sitting in the corner of Sir’s room always gets my head going. He’s in the next room banging around, I can hear Him, but He told me to sit where I normally do in my corner in my waiting position—naked...
BDSM Erotica: Blind and Bruised
a year ago
I can hear my breathing. I can feel the rise and fall of my chest. There's rope tied around my body, rising and falling in time with the expanding of my lungs, rubbing against my skin. But I can’t see...
Maintain Your Mental Health while Submitting to Your Dominant
a year ago
Submitting to someone is an extremely wonderful process of giving over aspects of your life that you used to control to someone that you trust. In the BDSM lifestyle as a submissive, being “owned” by ...
SubSays: Behaviour Modification and D/s Relationships
a year ago
Hey again E/everyone! If you’re new to this series, SubSays, my name’s Lydia, an active submissive in my local BDSM community. I write to bring awareness to O/our lifestyle, encourage others to explor...
Ask a Submissive: Vol. 2 - Fetishes
a year ago
Okay guys, this may be a long one. If Y/you haven't been here before, welcome to SubSays! This is Vol.2 of the "Ask a Submissive Series" where I answer questions that are commonly asked to me as a par...