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Sins of the Flesh
9 days ago
"My cock is out." I release my held in breath. I am so relieved your cock is there for me, ready for my touch when I need to do it the most. As my fingertips caress the head, tension falls away, and I...
'May I Kiss Your Feet?' (Part Four)
a month ago
Discussing the past was bringing down the mood, so I asked Marcus what I really wanted to know. "Why me? Why did you ask me? He was quiet, saying nothing for a long moment, though a soft smile rested ...
'May I Kiss Your Feet?' (Part Three)
a month ago
The shy young man that had asked if I would let him kiss my feet only a short time ago had transformed once he had his mouth on them. His eyes remained locked with mine as I settled back after the org...
'May I Kiss Your Feet?' (Part Two)
a month ago
It was clear from the look that Marcus gave me that he was surprised I was now willing to let him kiss my feet since I had initially been negative. He asked if I was able to take a break. It was my tu...
'May I Kiss Your Feet?' (Part One)
a month ago
Has anyone ever kissed your feet? I am not referring to a dry, perfunctory action that is done with a grimace before life continues on to the safe physical encounters of which we were taught to accept...
'Good Girl'
2 months ago
She reads the words again, 'Good girl,' and the pleasurable feeling coursed through her like nectar. There is sweet sense of longing and curiosity, for when was the last time a man had called her such...