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Diving: The Deepest Orgasm (Part Four)
5 months ago
Sherry's fingers rested lightly on the keyboard, and she sighed heavily as she re-read her one line email to Charles. "I am free today. Is there any reason why we couldn't be together?" It was early, ...
Lover's Crest: Part Four
5 months ago
"Mac? Mac, I love this room. I love our room. I love this place. This property is quite special, and it should have a special name, really." We were lying in the large bed, holding each other, and her...
Diving: The Deepest Orgasm (Part Three)
6 months ago
Sherry sat the last box of her belongings next to the bed in her new room. It had taken some time to get moved into her place, and she was tired. It didn't matter how tired she got, though, because Ch...
Lover's Crest: Part Three
6 months ago
It was taking everything I had to keep myself from pinning Kris to the magnificent bed and possessing every curve and hidden place. I took my time making love to her mouth with mine, kissing her face,...
Lover's Crest: Part Two
6 months ago
Tears. Smiles. Laughter. Kris couldn't keep from spilling her joy after I revealed that not only was she welcome to come be at Lover's Crest during the renovations, and have her own art room, but that...
Diving: The Deepest Orgasm (Part Two)
7 months ago
Charles held the side of Sherry's face in one of his large hands, then leaned down and firmly kissed her open mouth, tasting and feeling her deeply with his tongue and lips. His other hand traced the ...