LP Steinbeck

Promise To Be Tender: Part Eleven
8 hours ago
As we got to the door of Kris' bedroom for our last time together, Jenny and Kris both already had their shirts off to hang on the door hook, not even looking as they put them there, and wrapped their...
Promise To Be Tender: Part Ten
a day ago
There was no way Kris hadn't heard Jenny and I making love in the shower. Yes, I said, 'making love', and I figured it was the good-bye I wanted to give her. Fuck tenderness, I put my soul right in th...
Promise To Be Tender: Part Nine
5 days ago
We stayed stretched out in the bunny rabbit bed sheet fort for awhile, recovering and mellow. I pondered the power of what we had done. Our sex was hot, but loving, too. Jenny came twice, and I couldn...
Promise To Be Tender: Part Eight
7 days ago
So, here I was, a fully grown man with a fully grown case of "morning horny" and headed into Kris' backyard to play in a fort made from blankets, sheets, and dining room chairs...with two women. I hop...
Promise To Be Tender: Part Seven
9 days ago
The three of us changed, and it happened that night Jenny and I loved on Kris. Personally, I think about how concerned Kris was about the tenderness between Jenny and me, and how that wasn't really ha...
Promise To Be Tender: Part Six
10 days ago
Only moments before, I thought it was the female emotional apocalypse, and I had been ready to take five, take twenty-five; NO; make it an indefinite amount of time away from THAT. But, I guess it's g...