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Soul Lifter: Polyamorous Hero
5 months ago
In the beginning, I knew him only as Suman, from an insomnia group online, living 5000 miles away in the UK, and I was ignorant to the nuances of polyamorous relationships. He was handsome, intelligen...
"Spank Me... Please" (Part Four)
a year ago
Leah's third orgasm had ripped, contracted, and buckled through her without mercy, and she slumped down, even more as Mike tenderly rubbed her ass. He pulled her, causing her to stand, and then turned...
"Spank Me...Please" (Part Three)
a year ago
"Let's get in your rig." Leah turned to get into the second row seating of her Suburban, thankful for the tinted windows and the added privacy they would offer while she was inside with Mike. After sh...
The Hungry Suck
a year ago
I sneaked into the kitchen before a shower, wearing only a t-shirt. I only wanted to check dinner, and maybe grab a little something to quell my hunger. I knew you would be home soon, so my goal was f...
"Spank Me...Please" (Part Two)
a year ago
The first time Leah had met with Mike, she had felt herself falling for the power within his touch and even his dominant nature. But by the end of their pleasurable time together, she knew she had to ...
"Spank Me...Please" (Part One)
a year ago
Leah knew he was dominant, because he had told her, but what did it mean? She remembered the first time in his arms, as he explored her body, feeling places on her no man had touched in months, and so...