Lizzie Boudoir

Thrice married, in love once, overly romantic, and hypersexual.

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How to Make a Sex Tape
2 years ago
You’ve seen it done in sex films a dozen times, and it couldn't be easier, right? Some guy hides a video camera in his bedroom, then in­vites a foxy date to join him for a night­cap. The end result is...
Finding Her Tranquil Spot
2 years ago
I am 23 years old, single, and live in a small seashore town in North Carolina. It's a quiet little town, but I enjoy this remote area, where I attend a nearby college. I am 5' 6", with long, sandy-bl...
The Best New Sex Toys For Guys
2 years ago
For way too long, sex toys were viewed as something that were only used by the loneliest men out there - but this is no longer the case. A new sex toy revolution has been in the making, and it's causi...
These Are The Best Furry Sex Toys On The Market
2 years ago
Furry sex isn't like most other kind of kinks out there. Though there's definitely some overlapping with BDSM play, the fact is that engaging in furry play requires special gear. Just having a fursona...
Best Porn Star Autobiographies
2 years ago
Whether or not you're a regular pornography watcher, the very notion that such an industry exists means something to everyone. For some, porn is a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy ode to human sexu...
Is Valentine's Day Really About Love?
3 years ago
Whether or not you hail Valentine’s Day as the most sacred of holidays or a mere Hallmark sales ploy, February 14th means something to everyone. If you have a significant other, you devote the weeks p...