Lenny Legman

Life is one long party and NYC is my club. I listen to stories, imagine and write them as I see them.

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Best Lubes for Anal Sex
2 years ago
Anal sex is one of the only bedroom antics that has mandatory prerequisites for anyone who wants to enjoy it. You need to prep yourself and your partner before you go in. You also, above all, need to ...
The Dirtiest Movies on Netflix
3 years ago
The dirtiest movies on Netflix will help you get the thrill of a vintage sex movie shop without any of the hassle. Instead of trying to discreetly and maneuver into a sordid adult movie shop located f...
Importance of Sexual Communication
3 years ago
You may not agree with me, but I think that for some time now there has been much too much emphasis placed on the sexual needs of women and not nearly enough on the sexual problems of men. Right now, ...
'The Mysteries of Conjugal Love Revealed'
3 years ago
I have heard it said (most recently at the He's Not Here Lounge in Bayonne) that the 17th century was the span of transition from the medieval to the modern world. Indeed, it is lamentable that many o...
Hottest Lips of All Time
3 years ago
Lips are hot. Breasts are important, but unfortunately, irrespective of the Free the Nipple movement, breasts are generally covered. But hot lips are on display all day long, everywhere you look. Red ...
Absurd Asian Women Relationship Stereotypes 
3 years ago
In 1980, interracial marriage was fairly rare in the United States, with only a small percentage of all marriages occurring between people of different races. Nowadays, the intermarriage rate is nearl...