Lady Domitille

A queer erotica writer

Yes, Mistress
3 days ago
Maura thought that the first time she had sex in her office would be suaver. It would happen during a late night at the office, maybe the team had been working overtime for a week, and after everyone ...
Locked in the Library II
5 days ago
After a few last-minute jitters, she knocked to find Samantha’s brilliant smile on the other side of the door. The jitters immediately disappeared. “I’m so glad you came,” Samantha breathed a sigh of ...
7 days ago
“I can’t…” Daisy barely whispered, the hesitation clear in her voice, “I have a date tomorrow night.” It shouldn’t be that hard to say. Many college students have dates on Friday nights. They don’t ty...
Her Neighbor
7 days ago
Knock knock. The sound echoing from her door at eleven at night was unexpected, to say the least. The sharpness of each ‘thunk’ pricked at the edge of Maura’s brain, eating away at the little patience...
What Happens at 3:07 AM
8 days ago
Scarlet felt fingertips dancing on her ankles. She could feel the edges of sleep slipping away as hands massaged her calves. She moaned as her eyes began to flutter open. The lights were still off. Tu...
Room 401
8 days ago
Room 401. Moira could tell that she was burning up. She knew she wasn’t sick, but her skin felt like it was on fire. Ever since she returned from Winter Break, she could only think about one thing—one...