Kyrie Morrighan

I'm a writer and reviewer of erotic fiction, with my main focus on gay paranormal/fantasy erotica. I love learning about sexuality and sharing info about writing erotica. 

Twitter: @KMorrighan

Insta: k.r.morrighan

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6 High-Tech Sex Toys
5 months ago
When we think of how technology is changing our sex lives, we normally imagine an old white man poo-pooing on modern "hook-up culture." While it's true that social media has changed the way we have ca...
5 months ago
I think first I should apologize. You are, or maybe were, a wonderful man. I’m not just saying that. If you were here, I wouldn’t be doing this right now. You have to understand what this is like for ...
5 Reasons Why You Should Write Erotica
5 months ago
Why you should be writing erotica...
Flesh and Wires
6 months ago
“The problem with the Naturals is that they’re soft. I don’t mean the filled-with-guts-and-liquid kind of soft. I mean that their emotions have no limits. They are ruled by their feelings.” Cassius li...
Writing Better Sex Scenes
6 months ago
If you write romance or erotica, or want to start in the genre, sex scenes either are or will become a large part of your writing life. However, writing erotica is totally unlike any other type of wri...