Kiruina Rrrr

I love writing and I find a pleasure of writing erotica. My stories are a mixture of truth and fantasy but I'll never tell what's what. I'm a creative spirit. Look me up on IG @andrachrrr

a year ago
I realize I’m not like the other women you usually go for. I’m far from the leggy blonde that I’ve seen you with and so far from the big-boobed woman that you called a cab for a few days ago. Yes, bab...
a year ago
His hand was playing... teasing, going up and down my stomach and right when it hit the outline of my breast, it stopped. My hand was playing one inch away from where I realized his dick was, just gen...
a year ago
“I can’t believe you’re such a dirty girl,” he said, smiling and licking his lips after I put some cocaine on his gums. I pulled him closer and kissed him. “Oh, you have no idea how dirty I can get, l...
a year ago
You never know what the day could bring you… nor the night, for that matter. For me, it was just another boring night at home with my wine glass after a long ass week in which I considered leaving the...
I Will Remember You
a year ago
"Will you remember me?” He asked, kissing my forehead while cuddling me to his naked chest. “Of course I will, why wouldn’t I? I have a pretty good damn memory,” I said as I kissed his neck and chest....