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I’m 27 and have been heavily involved in swinging and kink for the past 3 years. Exploring boundaries, trying new exciting things and i'm sharing my experiences with you for you to learn from and enjoy.

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2 months ago
Restraint can play quite a large role in some BDSM scenes. It has the power to be used to achieve different effects, it can be used to: • Show dominance—the dominant can use restraint as a way of show...
2 months ago
Do you seriously want to try something new? Or is it just a fantasy? Today we are going to debunk myths surrounding common (and not so common) fantasies. I’m not really going to talk about “vanilla” f...
Sex Toy Storage and Choosing a Bed
4 months ago
Now that we’ve started talking about buying sex toys, what are you going to do with them when you are not using them? Maybe you already have a draw-full and things are getting damaged? Or maybe you ju...
Blindfolds, Gags, and Safe Words
4 months ago
Just a Few Tips and Ideas
4 months ago
Brought over from my old blog. I suppose you have all been wondering when I was going to write about swinging. I wanted to wait a little as this blog isn’t just about swinging, its about discovering y...
Swinging Etiquette
4 months ago
Today’s post has been inspired by my visit to one of my local clubs, this particular club I had never been to before, as I just hadn’t had time. The club facilities were lovely. However, for the first...