Killian Nichols

A mess of contradictions. Anxious, yet sassy. Looking for love in literally all of the wrong places, which leads to quite a few interesting moments --which you'll read about here. 

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The Drum Set
5 days ago
I put the car in park and exhale sharply through my mouth. This is it, it's finally happening after all of these months. Holy fuck! Last July, you'd surreptitiously messaged me on Facebook asking abou...
8 months ago
Like 90 percent of my dating stories, this one begins with Grindr. Early last week, I was lying in bed watching Hellraiser, when I got a notification that I had a new message on Grindr. Lately, the on...
Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!
9 months ago
On a particularly uneventful Saturday in September, I was lying in bed watching my favorite movie—Pretty Woman—when my phone went off. Grudgingly, I tore my eyes away from Richard Gere begging Julia R...