Kathryn Cardon

Hi! I am a freelance writer and an aspiring entrepreneur who currently spends most of my time raising a puppy with my husband in a 20x12 shed we are converting into a Tiny House in East Texas. I have much to share and I am excited to do so! 

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Loud Sex is the Best Sex
a year ago
When my husband and I lived in our first apartment, I was forever in fear of disturbing the neighbors when we had sex. Our walls were incredibly thin, and we often heard conversations and TV's as we w...
Should You Spank Your Partner? Pros and Cons Plus Tips!
a year ago
My first memory of having a sort of attraction to spanking was when I was in second or third grade. I was not spanked very often by my parents, so I was very fascinated by the idea of it. I had a frie...
What My 'Sex Talk' Should Have Been
a year ago
A little disclaimer before we get started: I am so grateful to be a woman in this day and age. Yes, there is still too much inequality going on, but never before could a woman so openly talk about sex...
Car Sex: The Where's and How's
a year ago
If you and your partner have gotten a little bored in the bedroom, but don't really want to break out the fuzzy handcuffs and paddle, I have a solution for you! Car sex. I know what you're thinking: I...
Shower Sex Is A LIE—Opinion
a year ago
Younger readers- Go away. 18+ Only. How many of us have seen a really steamy (pun intended) shower sex scene on TV and thought "Oh ya that is totally on my bucket list." Well, the reality is way less ...