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Let's Talk About: Anal Sex
a year ago
Oh, boy. Anal sex. It's sort of terrifying to think about, isn't it? My own personal experience with the act was, up until recently, quite limited. I never felt particularly open to the idea, nor curi...
What's Your Number? #5
2 years ago
I didn't stay in residence while I went to university, but I did inevitably end up in a dorm room once or twice. What is about post-secondary education that makes us all turn into reckless, uninhibite...
What's Your Number? #6
2 years ago
Do you remember your first love? I'm talking about real love here. I've made the mistake in the past of thinking something was love when it was truly the opposite (see: What's Your Number? #10). I've ...
What's Your Number? #7
2 years ago
Wanna hear about the first time I actually had an orgasm with a guy? Read on. If you came here looking for exceptionally awkward, embarrassing, or otherwise unremarkable sex stories, please kindly rev...
What's Your Number? #8
2 years ago
Jordan was a mistake; a mistake I made several times. He was also completely wrong for me in every possible way a person can be. And although I was fully aware of this, I still found myself going back...
What's Your Number? #9
2 years ago
This was a hard one to write. Not because it's hard to admit Peter is #9 on this list. But because it's hard to talk about him without delving into our relationship and I just don't have the time or e...