Kai Storm

Awesome author of 6 novels, mom of 3 daughters, office worker by day and wife by night. I hustle my art, my brand, my passion & I'm blessed always!

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6 months ago
An insane yet interesting combination indeed is probably what you're thinking... depending on what your taste buds prefer but if the opportunity were to present itself, would you have a sample or woul...
Old vs. New ... Which One Do I Want to Do?!
6 months ago
Shout out to Saddi Khali, an extraordinary photographer that you must know and checkout! This latest blog is coming again from the many confession files I own. Whether they be my confessions or from o...
Better Sex *Healthier Relationships* Happier Lives
7 months ago
You live the life you love, you love the life you live ... That's the name of the game isn't it? I believe so and sex is a big part of it. You know I write about it all of the time because for me, ima...
Surprise Turn Out!!
7 months ago
WRITER'S BLOCK is also known as a space in time where an author's mind is so foggy that an idea, story or concept will not just come to you; a "disease" that affects all creative minds and if you're n...
For Her to Cum!
7 months ago
"I have a surprise for you tonight so cum home on time for it!" This is the text message Mo sent to me 10 minutes before I left work yesterday. I wasn't sure what he meant by it, but I did catch on to...
The First Time!
7 months ago
Yes, people, it is again story time and I've got another hot one for you. Just like my previous blog called His Slut in Public, this story also comes from the confessions section of my life and yes, I...