Kai Storm

Awesome author of 6 novels, mom of 3 daughters, office worker by day and wife by night. I hustle my art, my brand, my passion & I'm blessed always!

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Dirty Confessions!
2 years ago
Secrets...we all have them. Some people will look you straight in the face and tell you they don't have any and that's a load of bullshit; we all experience moments in our life that only you and/or wh...
"I Just Want to F**k!"
2 years ago
ME: "Wait...what?" MY GIRL GIGI: "I'm so serious. I got to the point where I was tired of being a good bitch to these sorry ass motherfuckers, I didn't want to date and keep getting hurt, I was horny as fuck all the time and I didn't want to pay for dick so I thought this way I'll get all the dick I can stand and get paid for it. It seemed perfect for me and once I was done I walked away clean...or so I thought." ME: "Okay girl, spill that hot tea on me because I'm thirsty for every drop. By the...
From Zero to Erotic, Real Quick
2 years ago
I never set out to write anything erotic. As an author I know that when telling a story, your description of places, people and things has to be accurate down to every detail; that's how you pull the ...