Juniper Mables

My 3 hobbies are writing, Netflix, and my kids.

Herpes from Oral Sex with No Symptoms!
9 months ago
Herpes is a virus that can be transmitted through sexual contact or basic skin to skin contact. Herpes is an infection that is also known as HSV. The herpes virus is associated with small blisters on ...
Need to Knows About Anal Sex
9 months ago
The first time I tried anal I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I remember thinking, "I use my anus all the time, how bad could this be." I could not have been so terribly wrong! One, no one...
The Tale of Two Kitties
9 months ago
Sara sat in front the seat in front of me in my 8th period class. Sara’s hair was cut in a short pixie cut. She wore black studded earrings and several woven chokers. Most of the time she wore long sl...