Julian Finisterre

Prolific. Legendary. Underground. Author of pair a deuces, Cocksmith at the Helm, Evelyn and much more. Go on, google him.

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From 'Cocksmith at the Helm'
9 months ago
In these two introductory chapters from Zen-Porn Master J.A. Finisterre's classic 'Cocksmith at the Helm,' we meet our protagonist, hero & Everyman, Myron Cocksmith. And we also come to learn just why...
You Say It's Your Birthday?
10 months ago
You Say it’s Your Birthday? Hey Shawty, it’s yo Birfday! We gonna pawty, like it’s yo Birfday! Shit yes it was. Snuck through yet another year and made it to forty-two. How the hell that had happened,...
10 months ago
Evelyn knew she was safe... And that she could ask him anything she wanted. She liked that, because she was very curious—and she liked being safe. He did not push her overtly, he simply shared experie...
The Woman on the Beach
10 months ago
He came here often in the summer, usually late morning, once the sun had risen high enough to clear the line of oak and cottonwood that lined the bluff above, and cast its full strength down on this n...