Jordan Strange

Just the girl next door with dirty little secrets.

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I've Missed This
a year ago
There I was in a fancy little one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Denver, laying on a big gray couch with a beautiful boy laying on top of me. Sometimes when you’re lonely, all you want is that weig...
Soft Lips
a year ago
I was standing at the sink in the bathroom, grasping the sides with both hands as I leaned down to drink some water from the faucet. I had gone to the party with some girl who lived in the same dorm, but she quickly left me to fend for myself even though I didn’t know anyone there. I made a friend with some guy in the corner who shared his bottle of vodka with me. The last shot I had taken didn’t sit well and I hurried into the bathroom before I fell to my knees and puked. I leaned down to take ...
a year ago
It was a normal Monday night. I had gathered all my closest friends to come over and relax. I had made food, bought three boxes of wine, and invited a woman named Kristy to come over and show us all t...
One-Night Stand
a year ago
It was a regular summer night. Some of my friends had decided to get together to drink in our buddie’s garage. A beer pong table was set up and we we’re taking turns playing each other. I was sitting ...
Hotel for Three
a year ago
I open the door of the Hilton hotel and make my way across the tile lobby towards the bar. The click of my heels echo across the room until I step out onto the concrete patio where I spot them seated ...
The Boss: Part Two
2 years ago
It was the following Tuesday morning and I had been thinking about Ryan almost exclusively since it happened. What did I want? I kept thinking there's no way this was going to end well. I would lose m...