Johnny Garcia

Johnny Garcia is a writer based in Clearwater, Florida.  He writes short stories, screenplays, essays, and he is currently working on a novel.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  

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Beach Vacation Threesome
a year ago
My wife, Alice, and I had a leisurely day on the beach. The water was warm as bath water. The air temperature was comfortably warm. Dry, not humid at all. For lunch, we had quesadillas and cold beer a...
The Masseuse
a year ago
My wife, Lisa, and I have been married over twenty years. We still have the drive for sex but it’s not like when we first got married and that’s okay, I kept telling myself. What we’ve lost in drive I...
The Young Voyeur Next Door
a year ago
I had been away from home for a couple weeks on business, giving seminars at client sites. I was certainly glad to be home. Being “up” for students all the time is tiresome. I was looking forward to s...