Johnny Garcia

Johnny Garcia is a writer based in Clearwater, Florida.  He writes short stories, screenplays, essays, and he is currently working on a novel.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  

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Rim Shot
5 months ago
I had an extraordinarily tough day at work. I had a site visit to a local customer and I got an earful. When that was done, I still had to write up my site visit notes and email them to my supervisor....
My Wife, the Slut
5 months ago
I invited my coed softball team over to our place for a barbeque after the end of the season. My wife, Arlene, and I are used to throwing parties. Entertaining is fun for us. But, because of everyone’...
Best Laid Plans (Ch. 13)
5 months ago
Barbara’s world had suddenly gone out of control. The gyroscope that balanced her life was suddenly knocked off its axis. Her disbelief was only surpassed by her fear for Richie’s well-being in jail. ...
Best Laid Plans (Ch. 12)
6 months ago
The next morning, Richie and Barbara lounged naked in her bed and ate the breakfast they had ordered. Richie sipped his coffee and collected himself. “I ran into Jimmy at the homecoming game. We weren...
Best Laid Plans (Ch. 11)
6 months ago
David and Sarah knew instantly that Richie and Barbara had a history together. Richie was a bit embarrassed since he was wearing work clothes and Barbara looked like she stepped out of a fashion magaz...
Best Laid Plans (Ch. 10)
6 months ago
Days turned into weeks and weeks turned to months. Richie stayed at the shelter and worked there over a year. Richie surprised everyone, including himself, at his work ethic. He never wanted to take a...