Jessica Briggs

"A pen is to me as a beak is to a hen"

J.R.R. Tolkien

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Michael, My Client
4 months ago
My shoes are rubbing the back of my feet raw. I'm still keeping my wits about me, though I barely got any sleep last night. Walking this strip is never safe, and in our line of work, you can't let you...
From Fantasy to Reality
7 months ago
My stomach's wrapped in knots. Another night of waking up hours before my alarm. The clock’s early morning numbers stare back at me. I can’t turn my mind off even in my sleep. Sighing, I turn away fro...
Something More
8 months ago
Morning light shone through the pale-yellow curtains, warming my soft sweater as I curled up on the sofa with morning coffee. The clouds had parted giving the sun its time to melt some of the newly fa...