Jen’s Curious

I’m a closet nympho who works out her built up sexual aggression by writing erotica short stories & collections about fantasies. Let me tickle your mind for a minute. 

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The Plane Ride
2 days ago
I stand up and straighten my skirt, hoping my panties catch all of our juices as they run out of me. We walk hand in hand towards the gate. We decided last minute to upgrade so we could have a little ...
Room 569
13 days ago
When I think I about your commanding nature and the way you dominated me in bed while being completely in tune with my needs, immediately I'm ready again... even though I just left your room. I imagin...
13 days ago
I run off up the stairs with you chasing close behind. You catch my foot about halfway up. Giving me a little yank, I fall back a step and you land on top of me. Turning over underneath you, I wrap my...
Now We’ve Tried Everything
20 days ago
We've been messing around for a few months, having a blast exploring each other and falling madly deeply irrevocably in love with lusting each other. Not a space or body part has been left unkissed or...
He’s in Charge
a month ago
“Meet me at the hotel at 5:00 sharp, dress nice... hot but nice. You will be escorting me to dinner. Polly... I expect you to listen and behave tonight.” Just reading the text message made me a little...
Come Fuck Me for Lunch
a month ago
When I sent the text I was really just playing with you... expecting to turn you on for later. All the text said was, “Come fuck me for lunch.” I was just kidding but after sending it, the idea of you...