Jen’s Curious

I’m a closet nympho who works out her built up sexual aggression by writing erotica short stories & collections about fantasies. Let me tickle your mind for a minute. 

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Lovers Weekend Away - 8
2 days ago
The weekend's over, we made it home... back to our real lives, back to our real spouses. You sigh deeply thinking back on the weekend. You’re a little raw and a little sore, but incredibly satisfied. ...
Surprise Punishment
3 days ago
I was looking at the moon and centering myself when he grabbed my hand and yanked me off the rock I was on and down the jetty too fast for me to keep up. I kept slipping on the rocks and even banged m...
Lovers Weekend Away - 7
4 days ago
“I’ll meet you in the room. I want you on the bed, naked. I’ll be right there,” I said as we walked into the lobby of the hotel. I watched you walk towards the elevator before making my call. You laid...
Lovers Weekend Away - 6
6 days ago
After an eventful evening poolside and a late morning sleeping in, we decide it might do us good to get out of the hotel room for a minute. We hop in the rental and take off headed anywhere, headed no...
Lovers Weekend Away - 5
8 days ago
We were hot from our romp on the balcony and we decide to find the pool. We put on our swim suits and a shirt and head to the elevator. We find the pool but the sign on the door says closed. With disa...
I’ve Been Fantasizing About You
9 days ago
Gently, just your bottom lip then just your top lip. Then both lips but with your bottom lip going between my lips just a little, my tongue will just touch your lip. I'll suck on your bottom lip a bit...