Jennifer Cypert

  A lover of all the impossibles if only they are in my head.

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Dark Side Chapter 6
a year ago
Chapter 6 Joseph pulled up to the lobby entrance where the valet was there to meet them. He handed the keys over to a man clad in nothing more than leather underwear and a spiked dog collar around his...
Dark Side Chapter 5
a year ago
Sarah slid her ring and towel off, slowly sauntering out of the bathroom and put the ring in her purse. She could feel her empty stomach rumbling like thunder before a massive storm. Hunger was drivin...
Dark Side: Chapter 4
a year ago
When Joseph spotted Trixie, she was laying on her side in hot pin-up fashion on the hood of her car. Her tight black bustier hugged her breasts together, showing some delicious cleavage. Trixie's shor...
Dark Side: Chapter Two
a year ago
For a Motel 6 bathroom, the shower head was the good kind. The kind you might find in a more luxurious hotel. The shower head looked like a dessert plate, shiny silver, with large holes for the water ...
Dark Side Chapter Three
a year ago
Birds are joyfully singing in the breezy chilly air. Insects such as crickets and flies are joining in with the melody. Joseph is surrounded by trees that have turned deep reds, oranges, and yellows. ...
Dark Side: Chapter One
a year ago
Heavy footsteps stomped up the stairs and loud laughter had awakened her. It was a familiar laugh, so she smiled. His laugh never bothered her because she loved Joseph so. She also heard other familia...