Jean-Paul Tibbo

Jean-Paul Tibbo is an inspired writer working to reach his goals. As he continues to write about love, life, and sex for he has been spending a great deal of time working on a series of fictional novels. 

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Sex, Love, Life: #5
4 months ago
Adam and Peter had been together for a while before they decided to start spicing up their love life. It all happened so suddenly that it was a little surprising, but you see Adam had this friend name...
Sex, Love, Life: #4
5 months ago
Peter and Adam had been dating for nearly eight years before the relationship began to fall apart. They tried their hardest to make things work, but nothing seemed to be working. "Did you want to try ...
Sex, Love, Life: #3
5 months ago
When Nathan was around 18 to 20 a lot of things had started to change for him. He had moved out of my mother's and into his aunt's while he waited to find his place. His boyfriend of three years had r...
Sex, Love, Life: 18+
6 months ago
Let me start this out by stating this is a story of a friend of a friend. Let's name him Jacob. Jacob had just come out of a six-year relationship with his boyfriend. They met during college and hit i...
Sex, Love, Life
6 months ago
Warning: If you are my mother or a close friend and are easily disturbed, please do yourself a favor and don't read any of the articles entitled, "Sex, Love, Life!" Note: Everything in this article/st...
One Night Stands
a year ago
If you haven't had a one night stand yet, you better sit yourself down and have a serious conversation with yourself. One night stands are just one of those things in life that everyone should experie...