Jasmin Rivas

I write a variety of articles as a journalist and I write books in my free time. Currently, I'm working to better my erotic fiction. Please leave a tip! If more tips are left with suggestions, that would be appreciated. 

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Why Losing My Virginity Was a Big Deal—but It Wasn't
4 months ago
Growing up, I had a very Jane the Virgin mentality. Sex was for marriage and that was it. Never did I think that I would lose it on the verge of becoming 19 years old. When I was younger—around the ag...
Kadie's Fantasies (Pt. 17)
5 months ago
"Kadie, open the door, you still have work to do." Damien knocked on Kadie's door and Kadie rolled her eyes, heading to open it. Usually, he had his keys, but this time, he knocked. When Kadie opened ...
First Time
8 months ago
Ginger put her curls into a ponytail in hopes that it would keep it out of her face tonight. Tonight. Her first night. Ginger giggled as a chill went up her spine and she grinned. She'd been waiting f...
Love for Free
9 months ago
He pressed the elevator button, waiting with a certain excitement in his bones. He watched as the elevator descended, the light above the entrance showing which floor it was currently on... 20... 19.....
Kadie's Fantasies (Pt. 16)
9 months ago
After having breakfast, William sat down with Kadie on his loveseat and held her close as she took place on his lap. "Damien said we could only leave when you're free. So... when, or how much money do...
Kadie's Fantasies (Pt. 15)
9 months ago
When Kadie woke in the morning, she felt a slight soreness and a pinch between her legs. She moaned and adjusted herself, throwing her leg over the warm body that lay with her. She let herself be embr...