Jasmin Rivas

I write a variety of articles as a journalist and I write books in my free time. Currently, I'm working to better my erotic fiction.

Kadie's Fantasies (Pt. 15)
16 days ago
When Kadie woke in the morning, she felt a slight soreness and a pinch between her legs. She moaned and adjusted herself, throwing her leg over the warm body that lay with her. She let herself be embr...
Coffee-Shop Ophelia
23 days ago
For the longest time, Killian didn't know how to approach her. He always saw her and just melted in his shoes. To him, she was perfect. Her curvy waist and even the way her thighs rubbed together when...
Kadie's Fantasies (Pt. 14)
a month ago
Continued from the last Chapter... ~~~~ Will's hand gripped Kadie's wrist and she let her other hand fall on his. "It's okay." She whispered and Will shook his head, turning to her. His eyes searched ...
Kadie's Fantasies (Pt. 13)
a month ago
Will and Kadie both laid in each other's arms after they made love and they weren't sure what to do... how to keep going. Eventually, Kadie sat up, causing Will to follow her lead and sit up with her,...
Kadie's Fantasies (Pt. 12)
2 months ago
Kadie pretended to be asleep as Damien got dressed and leaned forward, kissing her temple before leaving. When he was gone, she stared up at the ceiling, not knowing whether she wanted to leave the ro...
Kadie's Fantasies (Pt. 11)
2 months ago
"Kitten." Kadie heard Damien's familiar voice floating in through her door and she turned, still putting an earring in, getting ready for the dinner Will had promised her. She was excited, because she...