Jana Muse

My name is Jana and I love to write in many erotic genres.  It’s a passion really to write about real life experiences as well as fantasies.  😎💕🌸❤️

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The Gym
5 months ago
I can’t believe the morning has slipped past me. It is 12:30 and I still haven’t gone to the gym. I better stop what I’m doing now and go, otherwise another day will pass without me pumping any iron. ...
The Detour
5 months ago
As usual, I was running late for my meeting, which was to be held a good 40 miles away, when I arrived at Tony’s Garage to pick up my car. Tony was as pleasant as ever. I envied him for never being ru...
All About Me
5 months ago
The hotel room was roomy and surprisingly elegant. As I walked in I could hear the water in the whirlpool tub running and I could smell the relaxing scent of lavender. Did he really show up this time…...
I Really! Like Her
6 months ago
Once upon a time I was going to the local coffee café to sit and write my thoughts on my tablet as I wanted to write a book at some point. The café was bohemian in style and the energy was abundant. M...