James Missaglia

Erotic author, commentator, occasional journalist, gourmand and art lover. 

His books (in particular, the very dubcon Lorexia Bane series) are available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HX4NN2V

Too Much of a Very Good Thing
a year ago
Daisy's eyes snapped open suddenly. Her cheek burned from a slap. It was a light one, but enough to wake her up sharply, blinking and squirming. "You really do sleep like a damned log, don’t you?” “W-...
When Phone Sex Goes Bad
2 years ago
He stretched out on the bed with the phone propped under his chin. There was a ‘hands free’ setting and he guessed he would use that later, when the time was right. For the minute he preferred the sen...