James Missaglia

Erotic author, commentator, occasional journalist, gourmand and art lover. 

His books (in particular, the very dubcon Lorexia Bane series) are available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HX4NN2V

So Are You Saying Yes... ?
7 months ago
Picture the scene: we are in the dungeons of the inquisition, deep below Toledo. The shivering victim has been undressed, "examined," and is now lashed across a bench in the flickering torchlight. A g...
All the Colors of Sin - Rose
a year ago
A Beautiful Woman Gagged With Roses...
All the Colors of Sin - Pink (Part Two)
a year ago
She was naked except for a pair of high heeled shoes, which meant—oddly—that she felt even more naked. Their height. The narrow spike of the heel on which she had to balance. And then there was the ro...
All the Colors of Sin - Pink (Part One)
a year ago
Thomasina adored her master. He was a man of obscure tastes and barely controlled passions. She knew that he loved her and she enjoyed the affection and attention that he showed. Unlike so many previo...
The Satyr
a year ago
He made it sound like an invitation rather than a command, but it was still an invitation that had to be accepted. “You have finished your meal. Undress. Unpin your hair. Come with me.” It was hard to...
Waiting for the Rain
a year ago
She dressed herself the way she knew he liked. High heeled boots of black leather. Gloves that came down to the wrist. Her collar— she could not be without that. She washed her hair, and dabbed at her...