J.C. Marie

J.C. is a graduate student who enjoys music, love, and cats.

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Abstinence Smabsitnence
2 years ago
Abstinence is an incredibly hot topic in the sex ed community, especially in regards to whether if it is or is not a proper teaching method. I went to a high school where we had a health class that fo...
Learning Curve
2 years ago
Masturbation is a very important time in a young woman's life. However, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the experience, especially when one is ready to upgrade to sex toys from fingers. There ar...
Love Yourself
2 years ago
I was twelve when I first learned what masturbation was. I was watching an episode of the British TV show Skins. There was this one character obsessed with a (gay) guy. She snuck into his bedroom and ...
Doing to Do For the First Time
2 years ago
Sex is a topic that surrounds us. From TV to ads online to porn websites, there is no escaping the influence of sex on the everyday American's life. Therefore, when I had sex for the first time, I fou...