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Things They Didn't Tell You Before You Lost Your Virginity
19 days ago
In the case of heterosexual relationships, it is said that virginity is lost in penetration. In the case of homosexual relations, it is possible to think that there are three moments of "loss of virginity": the first time there is intimacy with another man without penetration, the first time there is intimacy as a passive, and the first time there is intimacy as an active.
First Date Sex; These Are The Fastest Countries (to Have Sex)
24 days ago
Danish women are the most open to having sex on a first date. A study recently published by the Victoria Milan website, which specializes in "illegal" encounters for people who are married or in a rel...
Send Nudes, the Internet Taboo Business of Selling Intimate Photos
a month ago
The nudes became a key resource when flirting and getting sex in these times, in the United States and some European countries this practice is considered "quite common." The nude business is classifi...
Exploring Sexuality with William Burroughs (And His Orgasm Machine)
3 months ago
For no one is it a secret that the writer William S. Burroughs was dazzled in a life that went back and forth between sex, stimulants, and literature. He wrote in abundance: from novels to essays and ...