Hope Talbott

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Sexy Clips (Pt. 3)
7 months ago
The day finished slowly, but as soon as she was able, she left for the fish fry at the firehouse. The men were in their uniforms outside, showing off their muscles as often as they could. The bright r...
Sexy Clips (Pt. 2)
7 months ago
Rain hitting the asphalt and cement filled the air with the smell of the city as cars flew by on this quiet night. This was the smell she knew and loved. It was really not pampered to the ideas of new...
Sexy Clips (Pt. 1)
7 months ago
The two made it back to her apartment and went up to her floor. They continued small talk about her book and some of the other boring things happening in their lives. “This way,” she led, for now. Whe...