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Erotica author, BDSM lover, and poetry writer. I often to give advice to others regarding sex, bdsm, sex toys and relationships.

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Liquid Vibrator Reviews
2 months ago
I was a bit skeptical when trying these out; we hear so many stories about certain tingling lubricants sending women into a frenzy, scrubbing her bits, while screaming for forgiveness, because it was ...
His Brat (Pt. 8)
3 months ago
"Are you ready to run?" His voice is full of humour, and all it makes me want to do is stay even more. "No Master, I won't be running." His hand reaches around me, the whip settling just in front of m...
Spice Up Your Love Life
3 months ago
At some point in every relationship we go through a dry patch, a part in our relationship where we feel like sex is lacking, no longer what it used to be or in straightforward terms, boring. Now here ...
His Brat (Pt.7)
3 months ago
"So when do we get started?" He turns looking at me, shocked. Forget the kids, forget everything right now. I just want this, and right now I would honestly sign that contract and get paid to be his b...
His Brat–Part Six
3 months ago
We walk into the building and order food, once again silence is present, torturing my mind, wondering what he is thinking right now. "Okay, so you read the contract, that is a start, but you need to l...
Sex Is Still Taboo
3 months ago
It is a fact that people still see sex as a big taboo subject; people are too afraid to talk about it without feeling judged or laughed at, because it is seen as being too forward. Ladies: Can you, an...