Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn is a TEDx speaker, author and Founder of www.hayleyquinn.com. Her dating skills training teaches men and women to become more empowered in love.

What Makes a Man Want To Commit?
2 years ago
What makes a man want to commit? This is a common but misguided question that can begin stirring in a woman's mind as early as before the first date, and usually indicates you're approaching dating from the wrong direction. I have seen firsthand how easy it is to have your self-esteem squished to the level that you approach every date thinking that this could be The One. No matter what anyone says about singleness being a time of unbridled adventure and carefree fun (which it can be) it can also...
Welcome to the Friend Zone
2 years ago
Many men who are physically attracted to a woman end up exactly where they don’t want to be in said woman’s life. Welcome to the friend zone. For the most part, this is a matter of poor communication; Think about it- it’s not that you have a sticker on your forehead that reads ‘FRIEND’ … though it often feels that way. The problems usually stem from the very first interaction with a woman you really like. You like this girl so much but believe that she’s out of your league, so you don’t pursue h...
How To Tell Him You Want To Commit
2 years ago
You probably worry that if you mention commitment you’re going to scare him off. That he’ll think you’re desperate or needy. One of my greatest grievances with modern dating is that women have been primed to feel ashamed of wanting commitment (and equally ashamed if they want to keep things casual!) You’re worried that he'll judge you so you hold back on what you want, because men like the chase... right? The problem with this mindset is that by hiding your needs you’re not doing a great job of ...
What To Do If She Cancels Last Minute
2 years ago
You’ve got a date this evening with a girl you’ve wanted to go out with for ages. You’re thinking about what to talk about and how to go in for the kiss. Then-your phone flashes: ‘Heyy I’m sorry but I’m feeling really tired tonight, do you mind if we rain check?’ Last minute cancellations are terribly frustrating; Not only are your evening plans ruined, but you worry that if she cancels this date, the chances of her making it out for another date are slim. The key here to avoid dejection is to a...
Perfect Text To Send Your Ex
2 years ago
Girl … if you’re asking this question we need to get you back on the right track. I understand how hard break ups can be, particularly that painful first six to eight weeks when your life has been turned upside down and you’re dealing with the grief over someone who has disappeared from your life. It can be natural to try and fill the space he left by stalking him via social media hatching plans to get him back. It's natural, but definitely not the wisest plan of action! If you’re reading this n...
How To Get More Guys To Approach You
2 years ago
I know the movies told you that ‘One day your Prince will come!’ So when you’re sitting alone at a bar, no one is coming up to speak to you and you're getting no matches on Tinder, this can all feel mortally disappointing. I blame Disney movies for filling our minds with unrealistic expectations about how our man will find us. We expect men to all be swashbuckling heroes, who decide at first sight we’re the one for them and carry us off into the sunset. This is quite a lot to ask of your average...