Haybitch Abersnatchy

I'm just a poor girl, from a poor family; spare me this life of millennial absurdity.  I also sometimes write steamy romances under the pen name Michaela Kay such as "To Wake A Walker."

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Women Literally Only Want One Thing
2 years ago
I was 14 when I learned that boys' penises will fall off if they get close to orgasm and then don't ejaculate. I had been raised in a conservative community, the sort of place where even male masturba...
Just Ask
2 years ago
Most women have experienced the fumbling, callous, bruising touch of an inexperienced man. It is often apparent long before any clothes come off: the tongue thrust down an unsuspecting throat, the gri...
Apples and Oranges
2 years ago
The first instance of the word “orange” in the English language was in 1512. Contrary to the clever quip you’d heard before, the English language did have words for the color orange before that—saffro...