Greg Anderson

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Cowgirl Nights (Pt. 2)
8 days ago
We would sit, distant from the stages of the small, cramped clubs. Against a back wall. Or off to a side. Just the dying edge of the spill from the stage lights reaching us. Reds. Blues. Primary color...
Cowboy Nights
10 days ago
No one ever knew. Nor would they have guessed. Not to look at you. You did not look the vamp. Or the vixen. ('Nor Donner nor Blitzen,' you liked to add.) You weren't a proper canvas. For dark alleys. ...
Tie Lines
11 days ago
I can still see you. Standing at the rail. It requires no effort at all. The wind whipped at you. Your hair, already tousled from our morning. Swept this way. Then that. By currents of air that swarme...
Free Simples
19 days ago
The sign had stopped you. Planted your feet transfixed. Cocked your head to one side. Curious. I pulled up behind you. Just short of collision. “It's coffee and a croissant,” you said. “For 1€! We'd b...