George Gott

Writer & Social Media Editor for Jerrickmedia who is an avid reader of sci-fi and a fierce defender of women, minority, and LGBTQ rights.

Women of Penthouse T-shirts
2 years ago
If you’re a fan of the classic men’s magazine Penthouse and its glossy pages of beautiful women, then you’ll love being able to add these exclusive t-shirts to your wardrobe. Penthouse Magazine was st...
Must Read LGBT Fiction Books
2 years ago
The LGBT experience is an inherently individual one, but encompasses themes that are critical to understand if you want to learn what it means to be truly tolerant and comfortable with diversity. Some...
Top LGBTQ Movies to Watch
3 years ago
More and more often, we are seeing portrayals of LGBTQ characters in art. There is still a scarcity of characters in all forms of media, and the portrayals tend to be fairly narrow and specific. With ...
Most Influential LGBTQ Authors
3 years ago
The Pulitzer Prize, the National Medal of Freedom, and even an Emmy: the most influential LGBTQ authors (on this list) have reached international audiences with messages of realism and the value of in...
Evolution of The Guccione Collection
3 years ago
The man behind Penthouse, one most controversial men's magazine of all time, Bob Guccione, was not just a media mogul, but a man of many facets. He was an artist, photographer and avid art collector. ...
Sex Magic of the Sensual Sorceress
3 years ago
All the wild witches, those most noble ladies,” wrote W. B. Yeats, a prescient Irish poet must have unwound a cingulum or two before we thought to do so. And judging from the undraped magnificence of ...