Gareth Johnson

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The Romanian Boy
2 months ago
The Romanian Boy is a story that began life as a fantasy that my boyfriend was telling me about. He had been dreaming about the castles of Romania (where he's from) and fantasising about where some of...
'Trivial': Grown-Up Gay Porn
2 months ago
Ahead of the release of his new film Trivial, I spoke with filmmaker Noel Alejandro for a behind-the-scenes look at his latest production: What's your creative process like when approaching a project ...
I Write Erotic Gay Fiction (and I’m Not Embarrassed About It)
2 months ago
The idea of being able to call myself a writer has always appealed to me. Over the years, I've had numerous unsuccessful attempts at writing a great novel. I struggled to convince myself that what I w...
Masc4Masc and Other Gay Nonsense
2 months ago
There's something about the experience of gay men that seems to make us more susceptible to substance abuse, self-harm, and struggles with mental health. I'm not a medical professional in any shape or...
State of the Nation: Gay Magazines
3 months ago
The first gay magazine I ever bought was Outrage — an Australian magazine. It must have been the late-80s. It was a pretty standard kind of gay mag, covering arts, culture, and the gay-scene. It inclu...
The Case Against Circumcision
3 months ago
It's almost one year since Jonathon Conte committed suicide. At the time of his death, Conte was 34. He lived in San Francisco. He suffered from depression. His depression was reportedly linked to his...