Just a young woman trying to put her thoughts out into the universe💫 Your support is greatly appreciated!❤️

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How to Better Your Sex Life
a year ago
Having been with my partner for four years now, our sex life has been greater than ever. It wasn't always that way, though. In fact, it kind of sucked. I just didn't know it yet. Below I will list som...
My First Time Trying Anal
a year ago
Okay so here I go... my first time trying anal was two years ago with my boyfriend of four years. It was something he wanted to try especially during that time of the month, but I was always hesitant ...
My Best Sexual Experience
a year ago
So let me give you a little background first. I met this guy at work (the gym) and we hit it off right away but not in a sexual kind of way—it was just a really good frienship (so I thought). Shortly ...