Francis Y. Algonkin

Writer, interested in many themes, very creative and outspoken.

Tough Cookie (Pt. Three)
a year ago
"How did you just call me?" Mina nervously uttered. That feeling of discomfort she had before having sex with John now came back, only ten times stronger than before. "Mina... I know everything." "I d...
Tough Cookie (Pt. Two)
a year ago
When the doors closed behind her, there were an additional couple moments of silence between them. John was looking at Mina in such a lustful way that gave her shivers all over her body. After all, he...
Tough Cookie (Pt. One)
a year ago
Mina McCallister had a way and a resolve to always get what she wanted in life...except this one little job thing. She set her eyes on becoming a journalist in the Los Angeles branch of New York Epoch...
Artificial Intelligence
a year ago
Jim was enjoying while his young lover was sucking his cock. Ted always enjoyed when Jim gave him the same favor back. They usually played a little game each time when fellatio was in question. Each t...
The Fatal Vicky
a year ago
As they were going to the room 1006, the excitement grew in him. This was his fifth time with Vicky but he still felt nervous as though they have just met. Her fee was $260 for one hour but he would a...
Hand Dominance
a year ago
Jake and Jennifer were together for three years. She had high hopes for that relationship. He, on the other hand, didn't. He was a fun hungry 28-year-old and she was 31 year old woman looking to settl...