Francis Y. Algonkin

Writer, heavily influenced by short erotic stories of 80's and 90's. Based in Toronto, Ontario. Reader is advised to abandon all reasonable thinking before commencement of reading.

Tough Cookie (Pt. Six—Final)
2 days ago
After Mina and John came together, she gave him a juicy kiss, put on her clothes, and left his room. As she was going down in elevator, she was thinking of her next move. She did something very audaci...
Tough Cookie (Pt. Five)
9 days ago
For the next few days, Mina buried herself in her work. She tried to briefly forget her failed mission to seduce John, as well as thoughts of spying on Zack to determine whether or not he was a Russia...
Tough Cookie (Pt. Four)
16 days ago
Mina drove to her apartment. It was still sunny outside on late April afternoon. "Zack is probably back home from work," she thought. She was still very indecisive on how to approach this whole thing....
Tough Cookie (Pt. Three)
23 days ago
"How did you just call me?" Mina nervously uttered. That feeling of discomfort she had before having sex with John now came back, only ten times stronger than before. "Mina... I know everything." "I d...
Tough Cookie (Pt. Two)
a month ago
When the doors closed behind her, there were an additional couple moments of silence between them. John was looking at Mina in such a lustful way that gave her shivers all over her body. After all, he...
Tough Cookie (Pt. One)
a month ago
Mina McCallister had a way and a resolve to always get what she wanted in life...except this one little job thing. She set her eyes on becoming a journalist in the Los Angeles branch of New York Epoch...