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A group of inappropriate, unconventional & disruptive professionals. Some are women, some are men, some are straight, some are gay. All are Filthy.

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Donald Trump Playboy Interview
3 years ago
Before the master of hype cemented himself as the master of politics and changed the Republican party forever, he was a lot like every other flamboyant, self-aggrandizing hustler, who happened to be a...
How Wine Defines Female Sexuality
3 years ago
Her type of wine can determine your pick-up line. The wine a woman drinks might define her personality and offer insight into what makes her tick. Moderate imbibing of wine could increase your lifespa...
How to Orgasm from Anal Sex
3 years ago
Welcome to the world of anal sex! If you're reading this, you're probably one of two types of people. One, you've never tried anal (because HELLO, EXIT NOT ENTRANCE) but you can't help but be curious ...
Weirdest Vagina Beauty Trends
3 years ago
If you get a new hymen, does that make you a virgin again? When it comes to vagina beauty trends, women have gone from just getting Brazilian waxes, to getting elective surgeries to make themselves 'b...
History of Porn
3 years ago
Porn: the word itself strikes a sword in people’s perceptions; We can safely say that its one of the words in the English language that could potentially be black listed. Most people in polite company...
Hottest Russian Instagram Girls
3 years ago
Vodka and caviar are not the only fine exports from the former Soviet Union. Hot women on a cold night are as Russian as a bear in a fez. These women are as beautiful as their names are unpronounceabl...