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Getting paid to do what I love has been a dream of mine. I intend on working hard to make that dream come true 💕

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How to Make $10,000-A-Week Selling Nudes
a year ago
In recent years and still to this day many people are finding nudes to be a sort of taboo subjects. Some people send them frequently. Others have stayed stern with their genuine disgust for them. In g...
Three of the Biggest Reasons Average-sized Penises Are Taking Over the World in the Best Way Possible (Must Read)
a year ago
First and foremost, I am no penal specialists. I don’t know the ins and outs of the penis. However, growing up in this day and age, I have borne witness to A LOT of pork swords. They come in all diffe...
Top Ten Weirdest Sex Toys (Must Read)
a year ago
Every now and then people want to spice up their sex lives. The quick in and out of passionate intimacy can become increasingly boring. So why not try new and exciting things! New things can come in m...
Seven of the Darkest and Most Disturbing Fetishes! (Must Read) *Warning: Click at Own Risk*
a year ago
I'm sure you've heard the word fetish at some point in today's society. Fetishes are generally a form of sexual gratification due to an abnormal link to an object or thing. Some people are genuinely c...
The Four Biggest Myths About Losing Your Virginity! (Must Read)
a year ago
Whether you’re a curious teen or saving yourself for marriage there are so many negative as well as positive things you hear about losing your virginity. All in all, it sounds exciting and super roman...
Top 10 Weirdest and Most Disgusting Fetishes! (MUST READ)
a year ago
Today I am coming at you with a different type of article than I've ever written before. What are we talking about today, you ask? Fetishes. People are some pretty weird individuals so it doesn't surp...