Edwin Betancourt

Edwin is a published writer, author & poet from the Bronx NY. He has been writing since the age of 14 and hasn't stopped since. His dream is to write television shows or movies telling stories that people in all walks of life can enjoy.

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Echo the Escort: 'Good Bye' (Pt. 9)
20 days ago
11/1/2018 “Recovering from a gunshot wound wasn’t as easy as TV shows and the movies make it seem. It’s painful as fuck! Sure, the doctors prescribed me painkillers, which probably would’ve helped in ...
Echo the Escort: ‘The Day I Died’ (Pt. 8)
23 days ago
10/11/2018 (12:52 AM) The Silmont Motel was just how I remembered it. Dodgy, dirty, discreet, and huge. The motel contained 20 floors and each floor had their own individual staircase that led from th...
Echo the Escort: ‘Why Me?’ (Pt. 7)
25 days ago
10/11/2018 (12:10 AM) Slipping out of the party was easier than we thought. Everyone was too busy either dancing or fucking, to care if we were missing. Of course in the back of my mind T was probably...
Echo the Escort: ‘The Dominican Top’ (Pt. 6)
a month ago
*Contains Graphic Sex Scenes and Language*
Echo the Escort: ‘The Opportunity’ (Pt. 5)
a month ago
9/29/2018 Many people forget about my mantra, “Escorting is 60% sex and 40% emotional support.” What does that mean? It means that escorting isn’t just us having sex with strangers; it’s about us bein...
Echo the Escort: ‘He Bop’ (Pt. 4)
a month ago
*Contains Graphic Sex Scenes and Language*