Eddie Wong

Lives in Malibu, California. Loves movies. Cutting expert, lover of Final Cut Pro 7. Parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he just wants to edit.

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Sexiest Movies of 2016
3 years ago
Sexy movies come out every year, but the definition of a sexy movie in a particular year evolves and fluctuates with public sentiment. In a sense, sexy movies come to define the sexual sentiment of th...
Pam Grier's Best Blaxploitation Films 
3 years ago
She is the original blaxploitation queen. Part of a small group of women who defined the genre. They set the tone for much of African American urban cinema in the 1960 and 1970s. Pam Grier has been st...
Hottest Movie and TV Pool Scenes
3 years ago
Sexy pool scenes have been a staple of movie makers since Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Each of these films has two things in common: a beautiful woman in a sexy bathing suit and a swimming pool. When...
Alexander 'Olo' Sroczynski's World of Animation
3 years ago
Once, at the opening ceremony of the Cracow Film Festival Alexander 'Olo' Sroczynski arrived at the Kijów cinema disguised as an Arab sheikh (and he remained unexposed until the end of the event); on ...