Echo Olivia


Currently, I am working on the series "And Yet, There Was a Man," the story of a queen, her demon pet, and her obsession with a commoner.

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And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 3
2 years ago
I have no indication that Madeline sleeps. Her body is warm against my back, though she lays still as death. My dreams flutter somewhere between terror and happiness. Madeline is mine. Madeline is als...
Thirteen Days
2 years ago
It's 11am and I'm dying. No play makes me a dull girl. I need to get obsessed with something. I peruse the internet for obsessions. “Stacy.” Jesus, Mick’s sneaky forty-five year old bullshit! “You kee...
And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 2
2 years ago
I could hardly breathe as I walked back to my room. I could hear John walking behind me, mumbling. Madeline was sitting strangely still on my shoulder. I turned the corner to the sleeping quarter and ...
How To Improve Your Sex Scenes
2 years ago
Recently, I read an article about the difference between “smut” and “romance.” The main perceived differences were the length of the scene, the language used, and the frequency of sex scenes in a piec...
And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 1
2 years ago
Training started early the next morning. Women lined the lush fields with weapons or Imprints — if you were able to conjure a demon, these "Imprints" fed on your will and battled alongside you. Madeli...
And Yet, There Was a Man: Prologue
2 years ago
Soaking in milk and honey, I watched as the room grew dark with the sun setting. Madeline piped up from her spot on my shoulder, a small demon in the form of an outstretched frog. “Did you see him tod...