Echo Olivia


Currently, I am working on the series "And Yet, There Was a Man," the story of a queen, her demon pet, and her obsession with a commoner.

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And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 8
2 years ago
John and I came down the stairs together, he was in finer clothing now. He looked truly magnificent. Deborah, the fifth oldest sister, was walking down the hallway. Her eyes found us about halfway dow...
And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 7
2 years ago
John and I laid on my bed for an eternity, quietly. I looked over to see Madeline perched as a bird, looking out the window. “What can you do with Madeline?” I turned to him, confused at the question....
And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 6
2 years ago
Something was very off the next morning. Is it that I have procured my wildest dream that has lasted for at least five years? John was in the bed next to me, a quiet sleep was around him. I dressed an...
And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 5
2 years ago
I felt I had an audience when I rounded the corner into the bathroom. John walked slowly behind me, while Madeline seemed to glide across the room to the other end. Madeline had filled the bath with m...
Thirteen Days
2 years ago
How many things can really change in a single week? I have been at this job almost two weeks now. I have known Mick for that long. Yet, this is day one of something even different from that. My hands ...
And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 4
2 years ago
I couldn't figure out how we had gotten here. John is living with me, washing in my bath—preparing himself for me. And here I am, standing like a child nervous on Christmas day. Is this what I wanted?...