Dr. Harmon Love

Sex therapist, avid reader and movie fan. Sex is not love but there is no love without sex.

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Must Read Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life
2 years ago
Sex is messy. Yes, in the physical sense, but perhaps more so in the psychological sense: who do we desire, and why? What are the differences between genders when it comes to sexuality and behavior? T...
How to Keep Romance Alive When You Live Together
2 years ago
You’ve taken the next step and you and your significant other have moved in together. This move can be an exciting and stressful time, and it can bring changes to your relationship. How do you keep ro...
Benefits of Being In a Relationship
2 years ago
Have you ever thought about the benefits of being in a relationship? Being in a long term relationship might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Some people might prefer to keep their options open, others ...
Why Men Shouldn't Be Afraid of Sex Toys
2 years ago
Sex is great, and sex toys can make it even better, but many men seem to be intimidated by sex toys while their partners want them to know why men shouldn’t be afraid of toys. There are a number of re...
Impotent With His Wife
2 years ago
Patrick, a 29-year-old physician, has been married for three years; and already he is losing desire for his exceptionally good-looking 24-year-old wife. For the several months that they lived together...
Treating Sexual Paranoia
2 years ago
Though many of our parents' and grandparents' sex fears hardly affect us any longer, love and sex continue to be uppermost among the anxieties revealed in clinical consultation. Few still think that w...