Dee Wolfe

I’m a 3 times published author, as well as a blogger and podcaster. I have a bachelors in Criminal Justice. I’m a newlywed, so I’m still trying to grasp the whole married thing. Animal lover. Creative. Reader.

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Charli Pt. 5
4 months ago
I wake up to Charli sleeping soundly beside me. She’s still nude, and has herself curled into a tight ball. Soft breaths blow her hair away from her face. She looks like an angel in this light. I glan...
Sweet Pt. 2
4 months ago
I read the address scrawled across my palm one last time. Yeah, this is the place, but it looks more like a luxury hotel than a medical clinic. The outside is solid brownstone with sleek steel and gla...
Hunter Pt. 3
4 months ago
I feel Dominic freeze, and I know that he’s seen them. My scars. They crisscross my hips and thighs. Long, jagged, raised, pink lines that stand out in stark contrast to my naturally honey toned skin....
Charli Pt. 4
5 months ago
I make my way to my pickup, only to hear my name being called. I stop in my tracks and turn to see a girl, probably a little older than me. She’s got big, curly, pink hair, and her dark brown eyes are...
Passion Pt. 13
6 months ago
After excusing ourselves from the reception, Rosa and I make our way back to the hotel. We’re mostly silent in the cab on the way. Honestly, I have no idea what to say, and Rosa seems to be in shock. ...
6 months ago
“I just paid $1,500 last week!” I growl into the phone. “This is a new course of treatment that I think Marian would benefit greatly from.” I sigh. I can barely keep my own lights on. “Sure, you want ...