Dan StrawberryHall

Hi, I'm Dan.

I'm one of the Strawberry Hall writers. We’re a group of friends who write erotic romance and erotica together. You can find our published work on Amazon here:

Kiss My Neck and Fuck My Arse
6 days ago
I was in the middle of rehearsing when he rang my bell. I answered the door dressed as a boy, but it didn’t seem to faze him. He stepped back and admired me. He said he liked it, my suit and my short ...
Jenny's Confession: He Came on Me as We Masturbated Together
12 days ago
So my confession is that I love watching men wank. Not in porn, that’s boring. I mean in real life. It has to be genuine. You see, it’s not just about the physical act of a man pulling on his hard coc...
Cat's Confession: I Begged My Boyfriend for Anal
14 days ago
When was I nineteen I wanted to try everything. Sex was still new, and so exciting, and I wanted to experience all of it. I was eager to try anything I saw or heard about, so when my best friend Melis...
Make Me Cry Hot, Salty Tears
20 days ago
Make me cry. Make me beg. Make me yours. Do it like this… Snarl at me. Tell me it’s time. That I’ve been bad and that I’ve had it coming. Grasp hold of me and drag me down over your legs. Make me cry ...
Srebrenka's Confession: I Begged My Ex to Spank Me
25 days ago
I’m not proud of this, but maybe you’ll understand once you’ve heard my confession? I was with Ben, my ex, for four years, but we broke up when I found out he was cheating on me. He’s a bastard, and I...
Natalie's Confession: I Pretended to Be Seduced into Anal Sex
a month ago
This happened only a couple of weeks ago, but I’d wanted to try it for years. You see, I know girls aren’t supposed to like it, but I’m obsessed with anal sex. I think about it loads, and I love watch...