Chloe Piers

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How to Have Multiple Orgasms as a Man
a year ago
We've all heard that women can have multiple orgasms but I'm here to tell you so can men! Below is the concept and then some ways you can work up to achieving mind-blowing orgasms, one after another!
10 Myths About Losing Your Virginity as a Woman
a year ago
We all hear many things about sex before our first time. Many of these things are dangerous myths and I'm here to debunk them!
What Lesbian Sex Is *Really* Like
a year ago
Lesbian sex is a very popular curiosity. Some people truly don't understand how sex can happen without a penis, or have misconceptions from lesbian porn made to cater to what men want to see. As a bis...
Top 10 Sex Toys for Her
a year ago
Whether you're new to the sex toy game or a seasoned player, these are sure to bring you a thrill.
How to Eat Your Girl Out Like Never Before
a year ago
If you haven't read my blow job tips you should do so here. However, as a Bisexual blogger, I thought I owed it to the vagina-loving crowd to post some tips for you too. Here are 10 tips for eating yo...
How to Give a Mind-Blowing Blowjob
a year ago
Nervous about going down on your man? Not sure what you're doing? We've all been there. Here are 10 ways to drive your man wild!